Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits / Why Become a Member!

Bijouterie stores, Online Stores, Social commerce pages! 10 valid reasons to work with us! 


Inventory costs

Thousands of products without taking our stock as you wish to sell 

them for sale! Use your budget more efficiently without expending

inventory costs!

Preparation for sale

You can sell all the products published on

immediately without spending time to prepare the products for sale. 

Our product shooting team working for you with visual support!

Trend / Fashion Product Tracking

Our product category team works for you to sell the new ones by following the fashion of the day closely and giving direction to fashion.

Now it is easier to reach more sales by following the trend.

Price Advantage / Product Diversity

Our procurement and import team will ensure that they always

protect  you with the price policy they will implement after the supply 

or import of the trend products. As a basic principle, dozens of 

products will be sold at the most price for you.

Secure Trading

Our commercial activity, which we have gained through our long years of commercial activity, is to realize natural trade in our virtual environment. Our website provides payment security with 256 bit encryption system.

Time / Operating Cost Savings

Turkey's stores or customers operating in any part of the world. 

They will not need to bear the time or extra costs for supply 

by providing the product supply by following the agenda 

easily from the place where they sit.

XML Service

Online stores, N11, Gittigidiyor etc marketplace stores! With our XML service, you can add products to your site or market places in seconds and start selling easily. Our XML Service is constantly updated.


           Fast Shipping Service

                   After your orders, we have a big team that works to get your products                         delivered to you as soon as possible. With this team, your cargoes are                           prepared within 24 hours to reach you.

Social Commerce (Facebook, Instagram)

Customers who sell on Facebook, Instagram or other social networking

platforms can immediately start selling images of our products to their

accounts. With Dropshipping service, they can provide their products to their



            DropShipping Service

                     We are delivering your products to your customers on your behalf 

                    with our special team that manages the cargo operation for you. 

                    Thanks to our DropShipping service, we save your time and costs 

                    by saving all your operational expenses.