Payment Method On Delivery

Do You Have Pay On Door?

You can easily order the products you choose from our site without paying by credit card, without making a transfer / credit card at the door with credit card or cash payment.

Note: You can exchange your credit card securely from our site.

How Many TL Can I Order?

In order for you to pay for the order at the door, the total price of the products you have chosen should be at least 100.00 TL.

Can I Place Order From Phone?

We do not order orders from our customers in order not to cause any errors in orders and to reach us by our customers. You can only order from our site.

What is the service fee / collection fee?

In case of payment on the door, the shipping charge is the same as for other orders. Plus, the collection fee is charged.

Service fee is collected by the cargo company and the state is paid to the state and the fees and taxes are paid. This price has been fixed by us. However, as the price of the order increases, the amount we pay to the cargo company increases. This difference is not reflected in our customers.

Can I Use My Points And Gift Check?

Points and gift voucher can not be used in the order.

How Can I Cancel My Order?

You can cancel your orders by calling our customer service without shipping.

Cargo and collection costs of the orders on the cargo cannot be canceled because they are paid in advance.

Can I Place an Order with TC. ID?

Orders can be placed on the door by ordering the TC number from our site and by ordering the phone without giving TC as ordered.

If the ID information is correct, it is accepted as “ID APPROVED . Your order is processed without checking the information and searching again.

If the credentials are not verified, it will appear in the system as ID RED ”and your phone confirmation will be waited.

When you place an order with the phone confirmation, your order will be PHONE APPROVAL “and your phone confirmation will be waited.

Once your credentials have been approved, your order will be checked and processed by SMS and e-mail.

An SMS will be sent for your confirmation if your identity is rejected and your phone confirmation is expected.

How Can I Order?

    1- Add the products you want to buy from our website.

    2- Click the safe box button.

    3- You can continue your order by creating a membership or by creating a membership.

    4- Enter your contact details in detail.

    5- In order to pay on the door, choose the method of cargo by paying in cash at the door or pay by credit card at the door.

    6- In the payment options, just select Authenticate via Phone and click “Authenticate by phone and click on A Complete order ID.

Payments at the Door

    1- The address must be clear and known. Cargo is not sent to the branch at the door.

    2- Delivery to the regions outside the delivery area of the village, town and cargo company is not possible and no payment is received at the door.

    3 - School, student dormitories, military units, large-scale workplaces, prison companies have difficulty in reaching the cargo company to the person at the door to pay the order is not sent.

    4- New orders of our customers who are in the process or ordered on the cargo are not processed. After receiving their first orders, we can approve new orders by calling our customer service or by sending sms.

    5- There is no obligation to process an order with the payment on the door.

The products supplied with the supply of the product you choose for the supply of time is often not received and the products are left to us, so every order is not processed for it.

    6- Orders of urgent urgent or quick delivery of orders are not processed. (Our company is obliged to send the order within a short period of time. Due to cargo or other reasons, we are punished most of the time by being liable directly from delays and not receiving orders.

    7- Orders placed on top of each other in different amounts and at different times are not processed and canceled directly.

What I Should Do if I want cancel order ?

You can cancel your order by calling our customer service without shipping. If your order has been shipped, the order cannot be canceled because the cargo and collection cost is paid in advance. When the order is not received, the amount paid to the cargo shall be collected from the person placing the order. The person who ordered the order at the door does not receive his cargo if he does not receive his cargo and does not accept his order, but the following problems occur;

   1- It is therefore time consuming to contact the cargo company and the customer for each unpacked package.

   2- When the package is not delivered, it causes a second job and causes our labor to be lost.

   3- In case of non-delivery packages, the books that are provided by us are kept in our hands.

   4- Unpacked packages cause our stocks to mix until they are returned to the shelves.

   5- The cargo and collection costs of the non-delivery packages are paid in cash to the cargo company and therefore our company is incurred financially.

   6- Although the information is delivered at every stage of your orders, the failure to receive the order causes the loss of motivation and loss of self-confidence of our employees. In addition, it causes workload and causes time delay for other customers.

People who do not receive payment orders at the door are added to the black list and the next order will not be processed. Those who do not receive the package as arbitrary shall be examined in legal terms. Persons who have not received the package due to their responsibilities are liable to pay the part of the tangible price. The people who place the order are deemed obliged to receive the package.