Ring Size Calculation

What is the ring size, how is it calculated?

Everyone has a ring size, just like the shoe number. There is no standard or an average ring size.

Ring size for both men and women is something that must be known. So how is this measure calculated? We tell you the simplest two methods.

Just take a minute to learn your finger number, you can quickly order a ring.

In this article, the answer to many questions, such as the ring size table, with which you can calculate your ring size on your own, whether or not your finger size changes over time and getting a ring measure from the flash. Here we go;

1. Ring Size Calculation

If you want to calculate your ring size yourself, which you can learn for free from any jewelry, you can easily calculate it in the following two ways.


If you have any ring you are using, you can measure your ring size by measuring its diameter.

For this you need to measure the inside of the ring with a ruler like in the image.

Then you can find the ring size from the table below.

The diameter of the ring is 17 mm. So your ring size is approximately 14.

2. Method

You can calculate your ring size by measuring the length of any rope around the finger you want to wear a ring and measuring the distance between each other.

You can also find out your ring size by using the table below.

2. Ring Size Table

Ring size varies according to countries, gender and weight. Turkey starts in a woman's ring size from the smallest 8 and 28, but is known as the biggest exception.

The average ring size of Turkish women was measured as 15. In Turkish men, the smallest number is 10 and the biggest number is 35.

As you can imagine, people with the smallest finger sizes are physically weak and people with large numbers are weight.

An estimated ring size can be taken according to the weight of the person, but it is not a correct method. Now that you have learned your ring size in two simple ways we tell you, it is time to enjoy the ring at affordable prices!

3. Does the ring change over time?

Our shoe size does not change as our size measures do not change after reaching a certain age. However, the size of the ring may vary by weight.

If the person's body weight changes or if he / she experiences weight loss, the sudden increase or decrease in weight can change the size of the finger.

This change may not be standard but may be 1 or 2. If you say there is an example of this, I must say with heart.

I had gained a lot of weight in time and I lost weight by eating the foods I like the most.

When I lost weight with the fingers as it was reflected in the ring began to come to my finger was abundant, and then I narrowed my ring.

4. Receiving Ring Measure Without Flashing

You like a great ring that suits the exact style of the person you are buying, but the problem is that you don't know the size of the ring.

Wait, sweetheart, don't give up on that ring now, there is a cure! If you are good at acting, you can easily learn the size of the finger of the person you will receive.

Men who will buy a ring to his girlfriend is still the average size of women's rings, we can think of this wrong information immediately fix, we say.

You can ask your boyfriend to give you a ring that he loves to remain a memory of. So you can order easily you can take the size of the ring.

If this person is your spouse, let him remove the ring on his finger and get his measurement quickly before he sees it.

The easiest way to learn how to measure men's rings is if you are going to receive a gift.

Tell your boyfriend that your father has the same finger thickness and you can learn the size of a ring without ever understanding it.