Madame Kuub 4 Ribbon Adjustable Leather Men's Wristband

Madame Kuub 4 Ribbon Adjustable Leather Men's Wristband

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Madame Kuub 4 Ribbon Adjustable Leather Men's Wristband

In concept shots, colors may vary due to the difference in light, and it is recommended that you base the colors on the studio shots.
All products in this collection feature Nickel-Free.
Detergents, soaps, perfumes, acetone, sweat, etc. should be kept away from chemicals.
external factors such as temperature, sweat, perfume, chemicals accelerate darkening.
In sun-exposed, damp environments, the silver can darken.
When you are not using your silver jewellery, it is necessary to store it in a box or bag.
Keep it as far away from humid environments as possible, such as bathing. Otherwise, it may cause blackout.
These wristbands are also environmentally friendly and are harmless to health, without lead and nickel, without lead,
Stylish unisex men's-women leather bracelet for style lovers, stainless steel tip with easy-to-attach and removable locking.

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