Delivery İnformation

How Can I Order:

* In order to place an order, there is no obligation to register a commercial company.

* Firstly; Register to our site.This will take a few minutes.Then, you can start shopping by picking up the products you have selected in your basket.

* It is not obligatory to buy with package or box.Each product can be purchased one.

* 100 TL up to 13 TL Shipping fee is added.

* For orders over 100 TL and more, the cargo is free.

* 5 TL is added to customers who choose to pay at the door.

Our Working Hours;

Weekdays: 08:00 --- 18:00

Weekend Saturday 08:00 --- 12:30

* If you want to see our products in our headquarters and visit our warehouse.

You can make sales using the internet images on our website.All of our photographs are taken by our professional photographer in our studio.

Question: Does your site have a shopping limit? ;

Answer; Wholesale and retail sales are made on our site.The prices you see on the products are the most favorable prices in the market.Generally, our store, the internet sales, or people who sell at home from the hands doing shopping.

In order to prevent end-users from shopping, we have set the limit of 150 TL in the past years.However, in line with the intense demands and demands from our customers, we have decided to withdraw this limit from July to 100 TL for 13 purchases in total.

In this way, our customers who are selling on the internet can receive their orders without waiting, the customers who are in the store will be able to reach the product they receive the order quickly.

Question: Which cargo company you are working with? What is your ordering time?

Answer; We have an agreement with Aras cargo.Orders can be sent with PTT cargo on request.

For customers who pay at the door, only Aras cargo selection is used.Your orders are delivered to the same day in normal process.

Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays will be delivered to the cargo on Tuesday if it is not available on Monday.Likewise, if the holiday holidays and other official holiday turns are concentrated, they will be delivered to cargo one day later.

When your orders are delivered to cargo, your tracking code will be sent as sms to your mobile phone the next day.

Delivery time is 1 or 2 days according to the proximity of the provinces.

Question: How long are the products on your site updated? How can we track the newly added products? 

Answer; We are trying to add 100 new products to our site every day.You can follow these new products instantly from the New Products menu in the top menu.In addition, the products are finished in order to enter the product.You can follow the related category pages in these products.

Products entered in the stock number do not appear on the first page. You should review the sub-pages.

Question: Will the products that come with the information come again? 

Answer; Products with products are finished products. Some of these products come again and some of them do not come from being imported or native. 

The arrival times are different for each product group. When you add the stock to the products you enter your mail address by clicking the Notify button, you will be informed by mail. 

In addition, you can contact us and ask what you expect from the products that are finished.

Xml service and Drop shipping;

You can easily sell the products on your site or n11,gittigidiyor,hepsiburada where you can open the store.

The product names in our Xml structure contain stock information, product prices, categories and product images. Xml service is updated every half hour. Xml Service fee is 500 TL prepayment is sufficient. Then you can use this amount by taking the product from us.

For detailed information on Bijouterie xml service please contact 0543 292 65 48

Drop shipping service is not available. Our xml bijouterie service was opened.

* Information Required for Customers Receiving from Abroad;

Shipping fees for overseas shipments belong to you. There is no payment system at the door for foreign orders. Our customers are requesting orders to be sent by Ptt Cargo.

If there is a different cargo you work in, it can be delivered in cargo.

To order from abroad:

Register your products by adding them to your cart, and when this process is finished, click on the BUY button.

Fill in the next step, Invoice information and Receipt information (fields such as tax office and tax ID are not required.)

In the next step, confirm your order by going to the payment department and selecting the payment method by bank transfer or credit card. 

This way your order will be fallen to our screen; When your order is collected and weight is weighed, Ptt cargo will be informed about how many TL cargo payments are paid according to this weight and combined with your order amount. 

If the order payment is made by credit card, only the amount of the cargo is paid. 

You can see the shipping costs and delivery times by weight by entering Ptt cargo site.

You can make your payment with Western Ünion or credit card. For detailed information: Whatsap: 0543 292 65 48.

Features and convenience of our site;

30 thousand kinds of products without the need for box or package to buy one by one with our wholesale prices on our site; 

* To see all products, you should visit all pages of the categories on the left.

(Very recently, our sub-category arrangement will be put into service, so you will be able to reach the product groups you are looking for more easily.

* You want to buy products by looking at the number of pieces in the inventory you want to get how many you can add to your cart. 

The products you add to your cart will scroll through the category pages and write the items on your cart.

* The New Products page in the top menu is updated instantly. As per our principle of adding 100 new products every day; In the day content, the process of adding new products and pieces to the finished products continues. 

Notify me of the products found in the stock when the previous page passes to the page.

Creating Favorite Lists;

You can add to your favorites by adding lists to your favorites. For example: You can create a list for your favorite earrings, a different list for your favorite necklaces. 

You can see how many items you have in your basket during the navigation in the category pages. You can order the size of the products in the rings category by selecting the desired size.

Question: How to Shop

Answer: By collecting the products in the basket you want. enter the address and company information in the last step, you can complete your shopping with the appropriate payment option.

Question: Bijouterie darkening products, products such as necklace chain and bracelet chain products quickly darkened?

Answer: Bijouterie products in general, sweat and perfume when contacted and depending on time are products that make up. According to the varieties of late-breaking products are available. 

You can reach all kinds of products on our site. You should pay attention to price equality. If you see both cheap and expensive from the same product on our site, the difference is caused by the coating and the stones used.

Necklace chain and bracelet chain is the fastest deciding group of bijouterie products. As mentioned above, use may differ depending on the acid content of the person's sweat. In addition, some products do not make the statement does not make the decision. 

Such products can be used for a long time. You can get more technical information from our customer representatives about the darkening of Bijouterie products. 

Where to buy wholesale bijouterie? If you say the right address stop. Do not walk around the company to get the company's bijouterie in a single address with all kinds of affordable prices and quality services.

You can follow your orders in the 'My Orders' section by clicking on the 'My Account' menu.

Question; How can I return the product I purchased?

Answer; Within 14 business days of receipt of the product you have purchased, you can return it to us with free shipping by filling in the form returned in the invoice.

You can return the product / products you want to return by filling in the return form which is included in the invoice and you can provide free shipping to our address below with Aras KARGO Customer ID: 350070952.

Return Address:


        Madame Kuub / UĞUR ÇİÇEK

       Güven Mah. Yücel Sokak No:8/11 Kat:4  Güngören/İstanbul

Return transactions: members are entitled to a ‘withdrawal right without reason u for 14 days. Our terms and conditions may vary according to the Law No. 4077 on Consumer Protection and Application Methods.

You can find the most up-to-date information about the product return operations on our website.

If the product (s) you wish to return to is unused, the package is not damaged, the resale feature must be intact and returned with all accessories and original box, if any. 

Used, damaged package, deflated, all accessories and products not shipped with the original box will not be accepted as refund and the shipping fee will not be paid by

The return of the product price is made after the product is checked for compliance with the return conditions and the return is provided within 10 business days at the latest.

The free shipping campaign specified in our shopping conditions may change after your return. For example; When you return some of the products in your order of over 150 TL free shipping and your new order amount will be below the lower limit of 100 TL, a 13 TL shipping charge will be deducted.

You must fill in your IBAN and Account Holder Name information completely in order to return the cash at the door, credit card or bank transfer. The payment collection fee (5 TL) at the door is not refunded.